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我在6月17日给你发过一封邮件,你没有收到吗?下面是上次邮件的内容Have you received a emil i sent on July 17th?Following is the original content:

感觉有些单词写错了,effecive是effective?fuct是fact?departmcntal 是departmental?llikely是likely?smallncss是smallness?offcrs opportunily 是office opportunity?(好像有点问题)morechuman是?praclices是pract

麦氏贸易Mai Trading 如果要用英式发音就不是汉语拼音弄过去,而是Mak Trading Corporation 都是这么翻译,如果有产业名,就在trade前面加,比如:秦氏食品贸易Qin food trading

They put up their tents as soon as they got to the camp site.So far the speed of economical development in China has been in the very front of the world.I can't get away from the office before seven o'clock.The prices for vegetables are going up.

1. and she discussed that several time you will discover she did not think you will think that badly originally. (not as…as) the 2. day has been getting more and more black, I decided that looks for a place to live down. (as) 3. “do not shout again, you

Such a long passage.

1. the most beautiful music2. the world's best dance music3. the most beautiful dance4. intoxicated your nerves5. your blood boiling6. ignite the flame in your heart7. enjoy the most beautiful moment8. listen to the rhythm of movement

As a man, his pressure is inevitable, this is since ancient times should be patriarchal society have existed. In ancient times men will experience, in combat, bacon, As the rights of women's liberation, modern man though no support the whole family

loving you, loving me hurting you, hurting me this is the end of our love too many departures inlove it doesn't matter who's right or wrong dreams have gone years can't be back not that i don't miss you. not that i don't love you, here silently i bless you. i can only hide my love deep in my heart.

由于世界各国有着地理位置、政治制度、种族制度以及经济发展水平等背景的差异,处在不同文化背景的人们往往有着不同的思维方式. Because world has geographic location, political system, racial system, and the development level of

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