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My name is Wendy, Im seven years old.我的名字叫Wendy,今年7岁.I study in Asdon English School for half a year.在Asdon英语学校学习英语半年了.Im a happy girl, because my face is very big!我是个幸福的女孩,因为我的脸很大!I have a

Hello,everyone!(大家好!)My name is Deng Shengjie.(我的名字是杜圣洁.)I am 12.(我12岁)I am a optimistic girl.(我是一个开朗的女孩)My study is good(我成绩优秀),and I am get along very well with my classmates.(并且我同我

1. Hello,I'm xxx. I am from xxx. I am a 5 yeras old boy/gir.I like xxx and xxx. I want to make friends in this kindergarten.Thanks.2.Hi,my name is xxx,I like xxx. We will hit it off in this kindergarten.3.Hello,evrybody.I'm xxx. We can do xxx in this kindergarten.I will try my best.

my name is XXX. I'm XXX years old.I'm from china. I'm studying in XXXschool. I like singing. I like reading books.I'm good at math/chinese/history. I don't like XXX.there are XX people in my family. my father, my mother,my XXX and I. I want to make friends with you.

hello everyone, my name is xxx, this year, xx years old, on the x-year. i am a cheerful and lively girl, likes to make friends. i love playing the piano, i have places x years, playing so-so. i have a warm and happy family, my mother told me good, i never

my name is xxx, i m a girl that has a lot of hobbies, including reading, drawing, and playing badminton. i usually woke up very early in the morning, because making breakfast is also one of my hobbies. i love making breakfast to my family, since this


Hello, everyone. My name is I am years old. I study in a kindergarten. I like eating fruit. I aslo like singing and learning English. My favourite cartoon is Auteman. I love my family.

Hi, boys and girls, good morning, it is my plearsure to take this change to introduce myself, my name is ***, i am 10 years old. About my family, there are 4 people in my family, father, mother, brother and me, my father and mother are all very kind,

Hello,everyone:My name is xxx,I'm from xxx Primary School.I'm xxx years old.There are 3 people in my family,my mother,my father and I.I love them very much .I like singing ,

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