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《She》 Groove Coverage 《strawberry Avalanche》 《single ladies》 《she wolf》 shakira 《shy boy 》 Jordin Sparks 《snow》 Andreea Balan 《sweet Dreams》 碧昂丝.诺斯 《stronger》玛丽 布莱姬

西城男孩的吧?《seasons in the sun》 Seasons in the Sun Westlife Goodbye to you, my trusted friend, we've known each other since we were nine or ten; together we've climbed hills and trees, learned of love and A-B-C`s, skinned our hearts and

so sick by ne-yo say you'll be there by spice girls say goodbye by chris brown say it isn't so by gareth gate s.o.s by rihanna

歌曲:superman 歌手:倪子冈 专辑:篮球火音乐圣典 你别在这睡 你怎么哭着脸 谁叫你还搞不清楚 我跟你的差别 yeah 我是 superman yeah 我是 superman yeah 我是 superman yeah 你是 loser 快点闪一边 我们在庆功宴 谁叫你还搞不清楚 我跟

sorry sorry super she 舞动精灵的 seasons in the sun西城男孩 stand say you say me say you love me stop李宇春 sleeping sun space cowboy Share The World Schlaflied绝对好听 Sugar Sick Of It Skin Deep Songs for Sorrow Super Star有点老了 So Hot Sweetest Surprise

是这首吧you are my sunshineYou are my sunshine my only sunshine 你就是我的阳光,我唯一的阳光 You make me happy when skies are gray 当天空乌云密布时是你使我快乐You'll never know dear how much I love you 亲爱的,你从未明了,我是


迈克尔杰克逊的 《Scream》吗, 听听看是不是

Avril-slipped away,Whitney houston-step by step,shaia twain-she's not just a pretty face,圣女天团-stop stop stop,这些是我知道的符合你要求的歌,希望能帮到你!

onerepublic的secrets,阿黛尔的someone like you

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