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回信的英文翻译, 非常高兴收到贵校的面试邀请,面试时间确定后请告...

你好!I'm very glad for having received the interview invitation from you. Please kindly inform me once the time is definite. And I'll surely go for the interview on time. Thank you.打字不易,采纳哦!

i am very glad to receive your letter.

如下:Thank you for offering me this opportunity and I would be flattered to meet you again.Shall we meet at xx?感谢您给我这次机会,我将十分高兴再次与你会面.我们就约在xx点如何?

收到你的来信我非常高兴用英语翻译为:I'm very glad to hear from you.1、very glad 英 [veri ld] 美 [vri ld] 千欢万喜;喜兴;很高兴 例句:The child is very glad for her company. 这个孩子很高兴和她做伴.2、hear 英 [h(r)] 美 [hr]

非常高兴收到您的邮件可以翻译成:I am glad for receiving your e-mail.更简单直接的,可以译成:Glad to hear from you!扩展内容:glad to:短语,意思为”很高兴”;例句:1. I'll be glad to show you everything 我将很乐意向你们展示一切.2.

Dear 某某, 谢谢邀请我 Thank you for your invitation.【或者thanks for inviting me】 很高兴能来 I'm very glad【happy 也可以】 to come. 约定时间 How about【what about 也可以】 we meet at 时间 地点 I'll see,you there.

翻译:1、I'm so glad to receive your letter.2、I am very glad to heard from you.例句:1、We'll be glad to hear from you, and take any proposal that facilitate trade into account.我们会很高兴地听到你方消息,并慎重考虑能达成交易的任何建议.2、

Hello Tom!I'm glad to receive you letter.I think that your home must be very beautiful and I'll visit you in my free time.Keep contacting.

Very pleased to receive your letter, very happy to know you, please give my best regards to your wife, want to be with you more exchanges and communication on the island affairs, also need more of your help! About Tas Amy and I will be part of the

I'm very glad to receive your letter. I already know you problem. For this problem, I give you the following suggestions. First of all, before class, you must do the preview before class, otherwise you will be class is very difficult. Secondly, the classroom,

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