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Ball games

做运动 play sports 打篮球 play backetball 踢足球 play football 打棒球 play baceball 打排球 play volleyball 打乒乓球 play table tennis 打羽毛球 play badminton

棒球 baseball 排球 vollyball 羽毛球 badminton 足球, 橄榄球 football 篮球 basketball

000000000000000Wednesday,August 2nd It was a fine day!I am an American student,I came to China for a tour.I went to several interesting places such as The Great Wall,Tianmen square,Summer Place and so many places,they are all very nice.

basketball 篮球 football/soccer 足球 tennis 网球 rugby 橄榄球 softball 垒球 handball 手球 water polo 水球 lgolf 高尔夫球cricket 板球 hockey 曲棍球 volleyball 排球badminton 羽毛球 table tennis 乒乓球 baseball 棒球snoker斯诺克polo马球

你好,我所知道的就这么多,希望能帮到你 球类----------手球-handball 篮球-basketball 足球-football 排球羽-volleyball 毛球-ball top 网球-tennis 高尔夫球-golf 冰球-ice hockey 沙滩排球-beach volleyball 棒球-baseball 垒球-softball 乒乓球-table tennis 台球-billiards 板球-cricket 壁球-racket ball 橄榄球-olive 曲棍球-hockey ball 水球-water polo ball 马球-polo 保龄球-bowling 门球-gate ball

英语说各种球类运动 足球 soccer 篮球 basketball 排球 volleball 网球 tennis 羽毛球 badminton 橄榄球 football


basketball 篮球 volleyball 排球 tennis 网球 handball 手球 hockey 曲棍球 golf 高尔夫球 ice hockey 冰球 baseball 棒球 softball 垒球 pingpang (table tennis)乒乓球valleyball 排球billiards/ pool 台球 tennis 网球 badminton 羽毛球 football(英)/ soccer(美)足球 rugby 橄榄球cricket 板球

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