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第2题的答案应该是 take took taked taking第5题答案A是 goes文章第2段开头前面是health, 后面应该是 participation第9空后面是 to know each other

一、同义句转换1、It's about five minutes' rideIt takes about five minutes to takes + 时间+ to do sth2、I hope I can forget all problemsI hope to forget all problems.hope to do sth. 希望做某事3. he didn't put the sentences into Englishhe wasn't


求翻译SOS:卿曩日直言?求翻译SOS:卿曩日直言,朕今不忘.初欲召卿计事,但? 回答 2 3 容许直言改革计(多笔字) 回答 2 4 请翻译“国内企业”、“外资企业”、“计税法”,谢谢! 回答 2 5

i am a chinese girl i comes from china ,this year, i am 12-year-old i live in a middle school called camp hill ,over the genesis bridge then turn left along this road turn left and go along is get to my home welcome my classmate to my house,!

1. This is the dermis leather shoes, female leisure leather shoes2. Buys the thing is very time-consuming, moreover also is the very tired matter.3. We have each kind of design and the color woolen sweater4Buys one woolen sweater, may free obtain

1.I'm in LuFeng. 2.今天每个人都在这儿吗? 3.I was in LuFeng.

Some children are flying kites near the river. 孩子们在河边放风筝They are very high and Peter can see them in the classroom.PETER可以在教室里看见孩子们 风筝飞的很高 His aunt comes to see his mother today and brings a kite to him 他的婶

1.我曾参与亚洲业务的重要时期,因此吸引了深切的谢意和亚洲,尤其是中国. 2.我是基督徒,她并不需要有特别的信仰,但浓浓的精神将成为我重要的价值,以及重视诚实、忠诚,要帮助别人,并在她家. 一种同情和怜悯别人要珍惜.

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