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战争是强迫敌人服从我们意志的一种暴力行为(克劳塞维茨) ●战争在你愿意时开始,却并不你乐时结束(马基雅弗利) ●包括懦夫在内的任何人都可以发动战争,但要结束战争却得到胜利者的同意(萨卢斯特) ●战争用伯也用黄金(奥维德)

查理哈博尔你如今依然不会离开我吗,诗韵,与和平永存的主题!在这不断的失去中我伤痕累累而你是我仅存的财富,依恋着你那婴儿般的纯洁,经历着生命中冰冷的冬季. 寒冷的冰雨已经成为了回忆, 那也许是最后的回忆,记忆慢慢蜕去

1."If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile and blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace."Thich Nhat Hanh 2."I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I

1. It is a peaceful solution. 这是个和平的解决方法.2. Everything was so peaceful.一切都非常宁静.3. China is a peaceful nation. 中国是一个爱好和平的国家.

PeacePeace and development are two main themes of the world today,but we still have rigional conflicts or even local wars in the middle east or places alike.Comparing with prosperity and peace, war and death would be last choices for human

War and Peace(战争与和平) War and Peace Generally, war is repugnant, but peace is welcome.While peace is the ultimate goal of all of our undertaking in this world, war has been inevitable in the course of human civilization. Does man have

■从呼喊的深渊中,从一切憎恨的深渊中,我要向您高歌,神圣的和平.罗曼罗兰《神圣的祭坛》) 在和平主义的温床上培植香菌,那是不需要什么肥料的,一夜之间它们就可以突然茁长起来.罗曼罗兰《搏斗》 在春寒料峭的三月

Peace Good morning, everybody!Does anybody know what peace is?Well, let me tell you all about peace.Peace is morning dew on the soft green grass. Peace is a pretty flower dancing in the gentle wind, Peace is the little murmuring brook

我这里有中英文对照版的.希望你喜欢: Come home with this shield or upon it -- A Spartan woman equips her son 回来的时候要么带着你的盾牌要么躺在上面一位在给儿子整装的斯巴达的母亲 Against danger it pays to be prepared -- Aesop

●战争是强迫敌人服从我们意志的一种暴力行为(克劳塞维茨) ●战争在你愿意时开始,却并不你乐时结束(马基雅弗利) ●包括懦夫在内的任何人都可以发动战争,但要结束战争却得到胜利者的同意(萨卢斯特) ●战争用伯也用黄金(奥维德)

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