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Travelled all across the world,Seen a lot of fancy things,But I never seen a beauty quite like this, This must be a dream!So I pinch myself ouch, it hurts man,Well I guess this must be real So I'm gonna cease the moment And tell her how I feel.Chorus:

My friends say I'm a fool to think我朋友说我思考的很简单(很蠢)that you're the one for me我觉得你是我的I guess I'm just a sucker for love我猜,我对爱情感冒Cuz honestly the truth is因为坦白的讲,这就是事实That you know I'm never

Baby Justin Bieber Ohh, wooaah (3x)You know you love me, I know you care 我知道你爱我 我知道你在意的You shout whenever, And I'll be there 无论何时 只要你呼叫 我就会(出现)在那里You want my love, You want my heart (我感觉)你想

<Siente Mi Amour>中文译名:我想把我的心给你[00:40.86]Una historia sin tiempo 一个没有时间的故事 [00:43.58]Que no tiene fin 没有结尾 [00:46.15]un amor como el nuestro 一份和我们的一样的爱 [00:48.38]no, ni nunca podra morir 不,它永远

Justin bieber 《one time》歌词Me plus you /I'm a tell you one time/ 我和你,我要告诉你Me plus you /I'm a tell you one time/我和你,我要告诉你Me plus you /I'm a tell you one time/我和你,我要告诉你One Time我要告诉你One Time我要告诉你

Justin Bieber-MistletoeIt's the most beautiful time of the year这是一年中最美丽的季节Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer 明亮的街道上到处弥漫着欢乐的气息I should be playing in the winter snow 我应该在雪里面玩耍But I'mma be

Justin Bieber - Pick Me shout选我Woah oh oh oh yeahYou're the finest girl i've ever seen你是我见过的最好的姑娘And i wonder do you know this我想知道你知不知道这个Every guy you meet ends up having feelings for ya每一个你遇见的男孩最

歌手:justinbieber曲名:stuckinthemoment 歌词: withyou和你相爱 withyou和你相爱 iwishwehadanothertime iwishwehadanotherplace我希望我们能拥有更多的时间和空间nowromeo&juliet现在罗密欧与朱丽叶 bettheyneverfeltthewaywefelt我肯定

黑白猜 Eenie MeenieCatch a bad chick by her toe抓到了个彻头彻尾的坏女人If she holla' (if, if, if she holla) let her go如果她大嚷就放她走Shes indecisive 她优柔寡断he can't decide 她不能决定he keeps on lookin' 她一直在寻找 From left to right 从 meMy friends say I'm a fool to think我的朋友说我思考的很简单(很蠢)That you're the one for me我觉得你是我的I guess I'm just a sucker for love我才,我对爱情感冒'Cuz honestly the truth is that因为坦白讲这就是事实You know I'm

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