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随便写不就行了,easy!1Mary is watching TV. 2Tom is swimming in the pool. 3 Jack is reading english txtbook in the classroom. 4Mom is washing clothes. 5 My younger brother is eating some sweets.6My sisters are helping mom do some

She is speaking.(她正在讲话.) The children are singing.(孩子们正在唱歌.) I am listening to the radio.(我正在听无线电.) My brother is writing.(我兄弟正在写字.) We are preparing our lesson.(我们正在准备功课.) Our teachers are

i had an apple i had a orange i had a bed i had a car i had a box i had a cat i milked a cow i fed chickens 还有

1.I am watching TV right now. I watches TV every day. 2. I am going to the church now. I go to the church every Saturday. 3. I am eating a hamburger. I eat a hamburger every morning. 4.He is playing the video game. He plays the video game every

现在进行时的基本用法: 1. 表示现在( 指说话人说话时) 正在发生的事情. We are waiting for you. 2. 习惯进行:表示长期的或重复性的动作,说话时动作未必正在进行. Mr. Green is writing another novel. (说话时并未在写,只处于写作的

He is reading a newspaper in the office.他正在办公室看报 Many children are swimming in the river 许多小孩正在河里游泳 She is doing his homework in the classroom. 她正在教室做作业 They are hearing an English talk. 他们在听一个英语报告 The students are making progress constantly.学生们在不断进步.

你这两个句子是什么意思啊???正确如下:一般现在时:i read book every morning.现在进行时:i am reading book now.例句:一般现在时:i go to school by bike everyday.i like ping is a teacher.there are many cars on the road.he

I am eating now.I am running now.I am sitting bihind you.He is sleeping now.He is sitting in front of you.She is driving now.My sister is swimming now.My mother is running to you.My brother is sitting among us.My father is planting flowers.She is

现在进行时的构成是 :be+动词的ing〔现在分词〕形式.肯定句:主语+be动词+动词ing+其他.否定句:主语+be动词+not+动词ing+其他.一般疑问句:Be动词+主语+动词ing+其他.肯定回答:Yes+主语+be动词.否定回答:No+主语+be动

本段现在进行时的构成 现在进行时的构成是:主语〔现在分词〕形式 第一人称单数I+am+ing. 第一人称复数We+are+ing. 第二人称单(复)数 You+are+ing 第三人称单数 He(She,it)+is+ing 第三人称复数 They+are+ing 肯定句:主语 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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