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答案如下:1.We have six classes every day. 我们每天上六节课抄.2. I often get up at 6:30. 我经常6:30起床.3. Jack likes Chinese food very much. 杰克很2113喜欢中国5261饮食.4. We can see some pictures on the wall. 我们能看到墙上的画.


一般现在时: 1 I am a student. 2 I can play basketball. 3 I go to school by bicycle everyday. 现在进行时: 1 I'm reading the book . 2 She is broadcastiing on the radio.

一般现在时(Simple present).表示通常性、规律性、习惯性、真理性的状态或者动作有时间规律发生的事件的一种时间状态. I don't want so much.我不想要太多.I leave home for school at 7:00 every morning.我每天早上7点左右离开家去学校.The earth moves around the sun.地球绕着太阳转.Pride goes before a fall. 骄者必败.

1. i'm a student from no. 1 middle school.2. he is the best basketball player in our class.3. we are still young.4. he comes from australia.5. i only have 3 cents.6. they can do better next time.加油!!

一般现在时的讲解与用法 一、 定义与讲解 一般现在时:表示经常性的事情,经常性的动作或一般性事实. 时间状语:often 经常,usually通常,always 总是,every每个,sometimes 有时,at …在几点钟 只有在第三人称单数用动词的“三单变

1) 经常性或习惯性的动作,常与表示频腮度的时间状语连用. 时间状语: every…, sometimes, at…, on Sunday I leave home for school at 7 every morning.2) 客观真理,客观存在,科学事实. The earth moves around the sun. Shanghai lies in

present indefinite 英文发音:[preznt ndefnt] 中文释义:一般现在时 例句:I think the present indefinite tense is the easiest tense of all. Do you know what it means?我想一般现在时是所有时态中最容易的,你知道它的含义吗?词汇解

He goes to the library everyday.

一般现在时 表通常性、规律性、习惯性的状态或者动作 .和always,usually,often等时间状语连用是一大特点.Lucy is at home now.露茜现在在家.We have six classes every day.我们每天上六节课.I often get up at 6:30.我经常6:30起床.The earth moves around the sun.地球围绕太阳转.

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