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这是我以前主持的时候用的.希望对你有帮助.Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my dear teachers and schoolmates, and welcome to the English Speaking Competition for law department!! nice to see you here!! First of all, please allow me to

ladies and gentlemen,it is my privilege and great pleasure to host this annual dinner in honor of my distinguished guests.i would avail myself of this opportunity to extend my warm welcome to you all. a remark in the analects of confucius can best


the opening speech of the master of ceremony of an english evening party. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are very happy to gather here to hold an english evening party. first of all, let me introduce our distinguished guests tonight: mr smith

新年的钟声即将敲响,时光的车轮又留下了一道深深的印痕.伴随着冬日里温暖的阳光,满怀着喜悦的心情,2010年元旦如约而至 乙:新年拉近了我们成长的距离 甲:新年染红了我们快乐的生活 乙:新年让我们截取下了四季的片段 甲:新年给

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning! I'm very glad to stand here and give you a short speech. Man's life is a process of growing up, actually I'm standing here is a growth. If a person's life must constituted by various choices, then I grow up

1:尊敬的各位领导 2:亲爱的同志们 合:大家元旦好 1:新年拉近了我们成长的距离 2:新年染红了我们快乐的生活 1:新年让我们截取下了四季的片段 2:新年给了我们人生的禅想 1:在这一刻,我们已经感受到了春的气息 2:今天,我们相

good morning/evening, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,(因为有学生,有老师) welcome to the English Speech contest of xxx school.My name is XXX. I am honored to be the host of today's Englsih Speech Contest.我叫XXX名字.作为这

Hello everyboby!I am a good boy,and I can speak English very well!She is the girl with a bright smile, others sad when able to infect others with a smile. She is a brave enough to grapple with the positive and progressive students, in the face of

英语主持人台词,注意语序语速以及表示恰当的情感.例:开场: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Welcome to the Wisdom Cup.we are very happy to gather here to hold the English Competition .I'm very honored to be the host for today's

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