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用Along with造句

All we need is some creativity along with plenty of time and practice.我们需要的一切是一些创造力和大量的时间和练习.Every "Little Book of Calm" includes them, along with kittens and flowers.每一本《平静小书》都有他们的身影,伴随着小猫和鲜花.Surplus Germany, along with China and Japan, must stimulate domestic demand.盈余的德国,加上中国和日本,必须刺激国内需求.

along with1.与…一道,与…一起,共同,连同,和;作伴;随着 He came along with some friends.他和几个朋友一道来的.2. (除…外)又…;加之 Along with the soaps, The Online Network is supposed to feature entertainment and lifestyle shows.除了肥皂剧之外,在线网的特色还包括娱乐节目和生活时尚剧.

Mary along with her parents went to Beijing to travel.

解释如下 用along with造句如下:I'll go along with you. 我将随同你一起去.He came along with some friends. 他和几个朋友一道来的.I enclose two tickets along with this letter. 我随信附上两张票.

可以解释为 跟…… with 就是跟的意思 along 就是沿着 的意思. 加起来就是 跟什么什么的.

1.move along,please!请向前走!2.go for a walk along the road.沿路散步.3.along the wall there is a hedge.沿墙着有1道树篱.

Tom can get along with everyone well.汤姆可以和每个人相处的很好.I get along with my work badly.我工作进展很差.

We settled down here after we left hometown.我们离开家乡以后就在这里定居下来.We get along very well with our neiborghs.我们和邻居们相处的非常融洽.

应该是along with 吧along with与…一道Along with the letters there are answers written by people who are supposed to know how to solve such problems.与这些读者来信一起还刊登对这些问题的回答,由那些被认为能够解决这些问题的人来撰写.

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