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representative 英-[repr'zenttv] 美-['rpr'znttv] 释义 n. 代表;典型;众议员 adj. 典型的,有代表性的;代议制的 注意:不能变成representive.

There are many flowers in the garden.I like red flowers.I have many flowers in my house.

语法结构是正确的但是be greedy for 多指人的心理状态改为The greedy representative最好

The deal is representative of the way that health and welfare businesses faring . 这项交易是现今健康与福利事业发展方式的代表

1、Some people are/are being considered great not just because of their achievements but also because of their personalities.One person/representative/representative of them is Bill Gates.Bill Gates w

你好!We witnessed the expressions emperor's performance on the Chinese tarlent show last year.如有疑问,请追问.

Will you remind me when we get there? I can't stand rock music because it's so loud. We look for an experienced representative for our product.I prefer to study EnglishLove me, love my dog.

board n.板; 董事会; 甲板; 膳食 vt.上(船、车或飞机); 收费供…膳宿; 使搭伙,使寄宿; 强行登(船) vi.(火车、轮船、飞机等)接受乘客; 搭伙,寄宿 Free room and board are provided for all hotel staff.宾馆的所有员工都可享受免费膳宿. The Board had been slow to render its verdict.董事会迟迟未能作出决定.A ship was leaving the harbor , and we saw the people on board waving .船缓缓地离开港口,我们看见船上的人在挥手

作为形容词representative意思是 代表性,相当于typical,也可作名词代表,代表物.为什么要用这个词?见上下文,呵呵.

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