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about 125RMB,1000 words :大约 125人民币 1000字.中译英笔译价格(单位:人民币元)3千字以内,每千字140-180元1万字以内,每千字140-165元10万字以上,每千字140-150元 备注:1、特殊专业及小语种或客户对译稿有特殊

There are more or less some differences in spelling between British English and American English. Do you still ask your parents for money? How do you change water into ice? In my hometwon,we plant whe

中文翻译Chinese Translation双语例句1、这是一份GNU通用公共授权的非官方繁体中文翻译.This is an unofficial translation of the GNU General Public Licence into Traditional Chinese.2、对于网路上英文流行歌曲的中文翻译我很满意.I am

hahahaha. for the sake of 100 pts:I have an elder sister, she is slim, tall and very pretty. Long dark hair and beautiful eyes. Really pretty. She is 20 years old and a sophomore in collage. Want know why she is so pretty? Because she got up early every day for exercise and she loves to dance and sing.

一:将下列中文翻译成英文,将英文翻译成中文~!1.你打电话给我的时候,我正在去西安的路上.i was on my way to Xi'an when you called.2.如果明天我有空的话,我想去

此句出自《孟子.梁惠王》下 下为节选 滕文公问曰:“滕,小国也.竭力以事大国,则不得免焉.如之何则可?” 孟子对曰:“昔者大王居,狄人侵之.事之以皮币,不得免

1: She was busy every day chores2: That was very well written story writers3: I would like to write a report for the Evening News


1.however,it turned to be more difficult to meet with old friends 2.the march has been on for about fifteen minutes seemed that he hadn't come yet 4.i hope i would be here to visit this interesting place again in some day.

My life has been finally no longer lonely! I be a genius! I have finally had the method having a dialogue with dog dog in hand! The convenience stopping complacent , bringing milk scent along if without being reluctant to leave you is convenient , I disregard you just now!

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