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(给某人。做某事)这样的情景总是令我感动,让我沉思。/这景象,没有让我把methinking。 (在……情况)别怪她,你会怎么做,也在相似的情况下。 (beappreciative /感激,把……理所当然)我们应该珍惜和感激我们所haveinstead以一切都是理所当然...

The drop test for carton.As it's pottery and porcelain product, it's vulnerable and can't afford the highly dropped test. The label was labeled by manual work, so the position was moved slightly.

1. Friend request. 2. Do no accept any friend requests from others. 在 facebook 都是这么写的~

to accost 。。。意为 【向。。。发难】。 例: He walked to the door and opened it, prepared to accost an intruder with righteous indignation.他走上前去开门,义愤填膺地想向闯入者发难。 conveniently 在这里做【便于】的意思。 conven...

1是意译(和句子表达的逻辑不通,但意思一样),2是按照句子的语法直译的,3的翻译是错的。 看使用的地方,如果只是翻译句子,应该遵从句子的本意,选择2。

你好! 监督政府行为 Supervise government action 然后 and then。。。

增长十倍有很多种说法 sth increase/explodes/grow by ten times 10 times more than……” 也对,或者increased by more than 10 times 数字增减及倍数的译法主要有以下几种: 第一部分:数词的译法 一、数字增减的译法: 1.句式特征:by+名词+...

this is a completed problem. now we have two options. First option , as for my case, i can apply for France university in September next year. but it will be far from your city. i will first take language lessons for half a yea...

原句正确 months是月的复数 加's 时省略后一个s month's只是“一个月的”意思 two month的表达是错误的 因为two是大于一 month就是复述了 应该加s才对

two to zero

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