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美国西海岸匪帮说唱 2pac最经典骂人的 hit em up 上世纪90年代10大Diss歌曲!! 10. Eazy E - Real Muthaf****n G's (1993) - Eazy在Dr. Dre放出“Dre Day”后就用这首歌作为回击,并在制作上有明显bite了Dre的痕迹.Eazy更是diss了当时

do harm to our mind B. show us our real mind C. solve our stress in mind D. give us a turning point in And these guys will not be eating freeze-dried food like astronauts. Instead, Jacques, an

这个不得不说到DISS~下面的文章是转的~ 2pac的hit em up就不多说了~一直是很喜欢一首歌~他和B.I.G的恩怨看过电影后就会明白了 Nas和JAY-Z的恩怨~B.I.G死后为了成为东部之王~Nas - Ether (2001)给了Jay和他的Roc-A-Fella公司超强的打击

see you tomorrow 的意思为“明天见”,通常用于结束谈话的语句,比如常见的再见,回见等等.近义句:see you再见;good bye!相关短语:yes see you tomorrow 是明天见 ; 明天是见到你 see you tomorrow 明天见 see you next time!下次

Das Ist Dar Hammer


1、i'm not afraid to use a hammer,saw,or any other tools if it's required to get a job done..well because someone has to do it.我不怕用榔头,局子或其他工具,只要是完成工作所必需的.well, 总是要有人去做的.2、i love to hold hands in public

Hello, guys. Don't you guys wanna write something interesting for fun or exercise? What do you mean by My College Life ?? Is that your assignment, or something you would like to talk about? It has been a long time since I graduated from college that

罪恶之城的所有精彩台词,自己挑个吧 1. Marv:I try to slow my heart down and breathe the fire out of my lungs. 2. Marv:That's one fine coat you're wearing 3. [Marv has been mistaken for Goldie's murderer] Marv:You crazy god-damn broad! Just take

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