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HE likEs to plAy BAskEtBAll vEry muCh. HE wAnts...

B make a living是固定短语,有“赚钱过活;营生;糊口谋生;谋生”之意;第二空前有介词by,其后不可接动词原形.故选B.

He likes to play basketball. 对basketball提问 What sport does he like to play?有不会的可以再问我

He is fond of playing basketball too much. favor of 或take to 都表示喜欢

There are many tourists (around ) in Hong Kong.My brother likes sports ,(especially ) basketball.What's the __subject__(主题) of this article?He likes acting very much,and he wants to act a (character

what does he like for lunch?what does Mr liu play every day?what does her sister want?what do we play every day?do you have a basketball?does merian like apples very

ABCBD 望采纳!

jim likes playing footbaii,but he doesn't like playing basketball.这是并列句,时态应该都用一般现在时.

小题1:B小题1:D小题1:A小题1:C小题1:C小题1:B小题1:C小题1:B小题1:A小题1:B 小 小题1:考查固定搭配用于very much非常,故选D.小题1:根据后面词组soccer ball

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