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IF You WErE Only HErE Tonight

If You Were Here Tonight Lyric As the night moves in Love takes on a new meaning If you were here You would know what I mean to say The circumstance leaves me only waiting For the chance I only want to love you more ... more Ca...

If you were only here tonight. 中文翻译如下: 如果你今晚只在这里。 重点词汇释义: were:be的过去时复数和第二人称单数形式; 有时代替 was,用于条件从句、动词 wish 之后等 here:在这里; 这时; 在这一点上; 这里; 喂; 嗨 tonight:今晚,...

《king of the world》—— Blue

Bilibili拜年祭2016 舞蹈合作主题曲 《流★群 Meteor Stream》 作词•作曲:H.K.君 编曲:H.K.君 with Cnsouka Sound Effects:Cnsouka I will be here tonight As a lonely star shining far and... Are you here tongiht? Be my companion...

歌曲:StayHereTonight 歌手:EnriqueIglesias 专辑:《insomniac》 语言:英语 发行时间:2007-06-12 中英文歌词: i've must have been blind not to see you look away from me whenever you say you love me still i must have been crazy n...

意思是 你在哪啊 今晚我就在这里 请采纳 谢谢

come on

All I want for Christmas is you

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