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We would like to inform you that annual句子不完整哦!翻译:We would like to inform you that annual 我们想通知你(关于)年that后面跟的应该是一句句子,而annual之后可以跟dinner,meeting或者report之类,意思是“年会”或者“年度报告”.annual本身作名词是“生命循环为一年的植物”或者“年鉴、年报”,不是指“年薪”的意思的.如果要表达“年薪”的话,应该是annual salary.

to: the vendors thanks all the company has been on my work since the secretary for the support and help, thank you! when some of the annual country to celebrate the mid-autumn is coming, we leave the work is scheduled for : mid-autumn festival

[图文] Suggest something you would really like to do with your family.Sometimes parents feel better just something that you are interested in with you. 44.What's the purpose of the passage? A.To inform

I would like to inform you that我们特意通知您,

我想告诉你, 这是 荷兰纽迪希亚制药有限公司 生产的 营养品

Dear sirsWe are one of the world's leading manufacrturers of *** in Britain and have exported our products to some Asian countries,Recently ,we have completed a market research which shows it's possible to excport to your great country.Your

前面写地址 Dear Sirs,In reply to your letter of (已下订单的日期),we have pleasure in enclosing a detailed quotation for (贸易商品).Besides those advertised in the (原订单标题),our illustrated catalogue also enclosed shows various types

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