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搜一下:Aaliyah was a great hero in my mind. Throughout her life, she taught me something that I will ne

Many words can describe what a hero is, but what is the real meaning of a hero actually? For most, a hero is someone who has contributed something useful to society and he/she can also be a model for others. It's very noble to be a hero. Many

There's a hero in everyone's heart. However, there is such a hero in my mind . He does not make the act that shakes the heaven or the earth. But he impresses deep in my heart. He is my father.


非谓语 主要是 动词ing 形式和 to do 形式17 选C.是因为,阅读整个句子知道该句缺一个主语,所以要用动词的非谓语形式充当主语,B和D的格式明显不对.就在A和C中看,A是doing的形式;C是Having done的形式,Having done的形式表示“ 之前”发生的,由后半段句子的was可以推出是发生过的事情,即之前的事情,所以选C.23选C.我们一个一个排除

The Three Travellers Now the three had journeyed several days when at last they came ' The sun was low in the western sky as they approached, and Gaspar held up a hand

a hero in my mind maybe in your mind,a hero must be a persom who is really great,but in my mind,the hero in my mind is my father.he is ordinary,but the love he give me is really great.when i was a little child,my father always put me on his back,play

If【there】 wasprize 【onof 】【orand】【havehad 】been tellingif 【what】they 【werewas】 better.【a 】gentleman agreed to 【readingread】【advices-advice】【like】

46.D 细节理解题.根据文章内容One day,I walked into the student center looking to get a soda我走进学生活动中心想要找一瓶苏打水喝.结合选项,故选D.47.D 推理判断题.根据文章内容At the time,I was pla

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