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你好,知道英语牛人团为你解答.all the world = 整个世界,名词短语 all of the world = 世界上的所有一切,名词短语,一般会在内填一些东西,见下面的例句 all over the world = 某某事物遍及全世界范围,介词短语可以做状语 举例:1 - All the

all over the world 强调跨越幅度和范围,比如信号 all around the world 强调距离,比如某人周游世界 这两个短语经常可以互换,要说区别,要从around和over谈起.around是表示周围的意思,over表示遍及的意思.

展开全部 Aqua - Around the world 专辑:I've been around the world Hey, hey I've been around the world Hey, hey In the kitchen where I'm cooking what is good for me Spices from the globe Little by little it's the finest meal It's appetite for hope come

如果是all over the world 就是全世界的意思all of the world 可能是病句 如果不是的话 我大胆猜测下 指除了自己以外剩下的这个世界个人认为是个病句的可能性更大一点

for all the world 可以理解成 很,非常的意思吗 不能 for all the world 所有的世界【完全】 [美] [fl] [英] [frl] 尽管 for all her wealth, she is not happy. 她虽然很富有,但并不幸福. 相关词组 patience is a plaster for all sores. 忍耐可减轻一切痛苦. all is

all of the world 是说全世界所有的 all over the world 是指全世界范围内的

I was watching the news tonight 我看着新闻主播 And all over the world 和世界各地 People were singing and carrying signs 人的歌声和携带标志 All over the world 世界各地 Every body walking hand in hand 每个机构携手 Through cities that I've

区别是:the all一般分开使用,the表示特指,all表示全部的.all the意思是全部的,后面需要加名词.例句辨析:the all1、The Committee decided to call a meeting of the All India Congress 委员会决定召开国大党会议.2、We become friends

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ALL/WHOLE1.all与whole都有“整个 ”“全部的”之含义.一般来讲, all可以修饰各类名词, 且限定词要放在all之后. 而whole 只能修饰具有整体意义的单数名词, 且限定词要放在whole 之前.(1) all the money/ all the time/ all the country/all the

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