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I have asked him to do it.She has asked me to buy it .He has asked me to sing a song.,I have asked her to go to a movie.They have asked me to watch TV.

what do you think of this book?你觉得这本书怎么样啊?He asks me to hand in paper on time.他让我按时上交论文He comes from the USA 他来自于美国I'm thinking about writing a paper 我正在思考写一篇论文The o

1.I ask him to study well.=I tell him to study well.1.She asks me to go swimming with her.=She tells me to go swimming with her.2.I help him (to) study well.2.She often helps me

ask sb about sth是像某人询问 咨询或了解某方面事情的意思 例如:I ask my teacher about fanal exam.ask sb to do sth是请求 要求或命令别人去做某事,在语气上比前者要强例如:I ask my mother to give me some coinsThe boss asks me to his office at once

remind sb. to do sth.He reminds me about cooking.

drive sb to do sth. 驱使某人去做某事.一般的用法都是ask sb to do sth. 叫某人去做某事.例如:The policeman asked me to obey the traffic rules. 那个警察告诫我要遵守交通规则.

你没有分开,应该是用makes to do sth 造句吧?如果是造句如下:1.My mom alaways makes me to finish my homework before watching TV.2.He makes me to buy some books for him.3.She often makes my son to call her anut.需要别的话我再补充,谢谢,望采纳.

1. Had need(to) do sth. No other application will be competing with yours, so don't waste space, but don't be shy about taking what you need to do the job.这时没有其他应用会和你在使用的这个独占应用相竞争,因此不要浪费空间,为了满足自

I trust him to book the hotel for me.我委托他帮我订酒店.

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