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The answer is so astonishing that I can't believe it. 答案是如此惊人,以至于我无法相信它

He can perform an astonishing variety of acts, including mime and juggling.他能表演好几种令人惊叹的把戏,包括哑剧和玩杂耍.或者He likes China,including the people there and the language.

篇the computer impact on human being

1. We were astonished at the news of her sudden death.她突然去世的消息使我们 It was astonishing to everyone that the court had made such a decision. 法庭竟作出

自己对应一下exciting,surprising,amazing,boring,terrifying,tiring ,embarrassing,astonishing,interesting ,encourageing,造句的话在百度词典输入该词就都有了

1.the pollution fighter 环境保护者 2.many useful things 许多有用的东西 3.give out harmful gases 排放有害气体 4.pass information 传递信息 5.pass sth to one another 把某物从一个人那里传给另一个人 6.collect some facts 收集一些事实 7.interview

一、短语 be surprised about 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at 对〔听到〕…感到吃惊 be surprised at the news 听了这消息非常诧异 surprise sth from sb 出其不意地使某人说出某事 surprise sb into tears 出其不意地使人哭起来 surprise sth out

在这儿也能下到:英语语法高考英语单词拼写必背全表一、一个星期七天1. Monday 2. Tuesday 3. Wednesday4. Thursday5.Friday 6. Saturday 7. Sunday二、一年十二个月1. January 2. February 3. March 4. April


It was an astonishing story .答案:主系表结构解析:astonishing来修饰事物,在这里中心名词为story,所以用ing形式.中文:这是一个令人惊奇的故事.

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