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At thE turn oF 20th

At the turn of the 20th century.指20世纪初.理解起来就是在20世界和19世纪交接的时候.如果满意,请记得 点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,(*^__^*) 谢谢~~.

你好!Beijing was voted as the city to hold the Olympic Game in 2008 by Olympic Committee at the turn of 20th and 21st century.打字不易,采纳哦!

世际交接之时 采纳我哟!


我觉得可以啊at the turn of 1990's指的是80年代到90年代的转折点啊



指20世纪初 请你理解下文,可看出at the turn of 20th century是20世纪初There are many themes of continuity and/or discontinuity at the turn of the 20th century-- many involve imbedded Chinese customs. It

at the turn of 19th century 是正确的.at the turn of the century的意思: 在世纪更替的时候,在旧世纪结束新世纪开始的时候 at the turn of 19th century 在19世纪与20世纪交替的时候/在19世纪末20世纪初

Thomas Edison was the great genius inventor of the electrical age. His hundreds of inventions made him a giant public figure in American and around the world at the turn of the 20th century. Edison's most famous inventions are the first practical | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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