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attitude on和about,at是一个意思就是对.的态度,而attitude to和toward是一个意思是对.看法,望采纳

attitude towards中文意思:态度例句1、It's the business of the individual to determine his own attitude towards religion.对宗教持何种态度是个人的事情.2、It would also be wrong to adopt a dosed-door or perfunctory attitude towards them.对他们

保持乐观的心态的英文:Keep an optimistic attitude 一、optimistic 读法 英 [ptmstk] 美 [:ptmstk] adj.乐观的,乐观主义的 短语:cautiously optimistic 审慎乐观 optimistic estimate 乐观估计;最乐观时间 二、attitude 读法


attitude后常接towards/to,指“对于……的态度,看法”,如her attitude towards/to the question(她对这个问题的看法).值得注意的是,因上面例子中的宾语是question,有时候可以用on代替to,如her attitude on the question.

your attitude decides my attitude

attitude to不是介词短语!介词短语指介词在前的短语!如:at all costs 不惜任何代价in detail 详细地off duty 下班on duty 上班

attitude to life We have a saying "destiny" character creation, therefore, attitude, character and personality is = = = attitude is destiny, so if the right attitude fate, fate nature also went toward the direction of "correct" development, it is logical, but

the longer i live, the more i realize the impact of attitude on life. attitude, to me, is more important than facts. it is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people

to .the attitude to 固定搭配

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