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BE EquAl to Doing造句

I am equal to doing this job. 我能胜任做这项工作.

be reconciled to,甘心于……,乐于……,顺从……例句:Therefore, let me be reconciled to being saddled withthe epithet of “originator of a bad practice !就让我当一个“始作俑者”吧!He is reconciled to working with her .和她一起工作他很满足.I should like to be reconciled to her .我愿意与她重归于好.

I am opposed to going shopping with others.我反对与他人一起外出购物.

1. 与……相等;有……能力(勇气等);胜任;能干2. 无比;无敌3. equal 4. equal her

1. I am busy playing. 2. I am busy watching TV. 3. I am busy doing my homework. 4. I am busy finishing the work. 5. I am busy playing soccer. 6. I am busy snowboarding. 7. I am busy doing bungee jumping. 8. I am busy exercising. 9. I am busy going to school. 10. I am busy finding my pen.

She was resigned to losing her home. 她无奈地接受了失去家园的事实.希望对你有帮助,望采纳.


be critical to doing是至关重要的做

平等 equal平等的做什么事

I am used to getting up early. 我习惯早起.

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