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BE going to造句

I am going to watching TV.

i am going to shopping with my mom this afternoon i am going to take a vocation i am going to have a meeting tonight i am going to kill u O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

be going to 将要;打算 例句:she is going to write to him.她就要给他写信了.it is going to snow.天就要下雪了.希望我的回答对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你新年快乐 心想事成 o(∩_∩)o

Are you going to have a school trip tomorrow?[例句]No one's going to hurt you. No one. Not any more 没有人会伤害你了,不会有人了,再也不会有了.

I'm going to travel to Paris.我准备到巴黎去旅游 We are going to hold a sports meeting next week. 下周我们将进行运动会 My mother is going to sent me to a arts room.我的妈妈准备把我送去参加美术培训班 My brother is going to get marry in December.我哥哥即将在12月举行婚礼 My aunt is going to buy a ring tomorrow 我婶婶明天要买一只戒指

i am going to do my homework.

I am going to do my homework.(我打算做作业了.) She is going to bookstore by bus.(她打算乘公交车去书店.) They are going to get married next week.(他们打算下周结婚.) It was raining.(这儿曾在下雨.)

(1)I am going to be a doctor(2)I am going to be a teacher(3)I am going to be a musician(4)I am going to be a piayer(5)I am going to be a boss(6)I am going to be a reporter(记者)(7)I am going to be a composer(作曲家)(8)I am going to be a secretary(秘书)(9)I am going to be a Scientist(科学家)(10)I am going to be a Astronaut(航天员)

We are going to have a meeting tomorrow.

1: i am going to read 2: he is going to play basketball 3: tom is going to eat outside 4: mary is going to buy some books 5: jack is going to climb the mountain

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