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BE gooD At后面接什么

1、意思不同.good at的意思是“善于,擅长”; good with的意思是“善用(某物)”“善待(某人)”,be good for sb 表示“有益于某人”.2、短语用法不同.good at后主要接表示科目、活动的名词或动名词, good with后主要接表示工具、

be good at后面常接一些学科或者是用-ing形式表示的事情(加名词或者动名词).比如:1、He is good at drawing.他很擅长绘画;2、I'm good at playing Pingpong.我擅长打乒乓球;3、We should be good at learning from each other. 我们应

动词ing形式,be good at doing sth.表示擅于做某事,如:She is good at dancing.她很擅长跳舞.也可接名词,作be good at sth. 如:He is good at English.他英语很好.



be good at : 擅长于be good at + [动名词]/ [名词]is good at singing / are good at playing basketball

be good at doing sth擅长做某事 应该跟动名词

接动词的ing形式,比如:I am good at playing basketball.动名词形式,也就是动词ing形式 或者名词 be good at painting be good at singing be good at (playing) basketball be good at soccer

be good at + 动词ing

be good at 后面要接名词、动名词或名词/动名词短语,请看例句:John is good at swimming and basketballIt is important that we try to be good at everything we doI have a shrill voice. I'll never be good at singing.I am good at chess, but not checkers.希望对你有帮助,也希望点击“选为满意答案”及时采纳,谢谢.

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