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BE trEAtED with

be treated with 以……对待;.

答案b因为with用来表示方式、情况等,意为“…地”:with care小心谨慎地;with joy高兴地;with pleasure乐意地.

treated with用治疗例句1.Only wealthy people could afford to be treated with it in the old society.在旧社会只有有钱人才有条件用它进行治疗.2.As I said before these patients need to be treated with repeated paracentesiswith albumin infusion.

问题一个一个解决.1) The patient strongly objected to _______ like this.中的'objected to'是动词+介词构成的动词词组,'to'介词后面只能跟名词或相当于名词类的词组,这里只能选'being treated'(动名词词组)做'to'的介词宾语;

disagree with 不同意;不一致;不适合双语例句 1.I have to disagree with you on this. 在这件事情上我不同意你的看法.2.You can disagree with me, but you have to do so respectfully if you want your comment to be treated with any respect. 你也可以不同意我的观点,但如果你希望自己的言论被别人尊重,那么你所做的行为也要值得他人尊重.

就是说被什么感动了或震撼了. 比如:i was touched by her kindness


be treated with disdain会受到百鄙视双语对照词典结果:be treated with disdain吃白眼; 例句:1.Other drivers are often treated by the police with disdain. 而他们对度其他司回机则是很傲慢.2.Those numbers need to be treated with caution. 这是一个值得认真对答待的数据

两者意思有一点接近,不过词性根本不同,disagree是动词,against是介词 具体如下 disagree 不及物动词vi.1.不一致,不符[(+with)] ouranswerstotheproblemdisagreed.我们对这个问题的回答不一致.2.意见不合;有分歧[(+with/on)]

be involved in 陷入…之中be involved with 和…有关系如果是参与(某事情/活动)的话,通常用 in如果指“投入”“牵涉”的话,也是用 in如果指“花很多时间”在某事情/活动的话,可以用 in 或者 with如果指与某人发展一段关系的话,通常用 with

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