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Are you ready to sleep ?你准备好去睡觉了吗

We are ready to work for the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai.We are ready for the challenge.

.be ready to do sth的同义短语 get ready to do sth prepare to do sth 满意请及时采纳哦,谢谢

I am happy to ice cream

1.share sth with sb . shall we share the apples with Tom?2. nothing eye 这个对吗? ready to do sth we are ready to go to shanghai.4. grow up when i grow

I alway was ready to try to study 我总是竭尽全力去学习 望采纳

be willing to do sth 愿意、乐意去做某事be ready to do sth 准备好,有能力去做某事

desire to do sth 渴望做某事 双语对照 词典结果:网络释义1. 渴望做某事 例句:1.But facebook already allows users to do this. 但是facebook已经允许用户这么做了.desire 英[dza(r)] 美[dzar] vt. 渴望; 希望; 要求; 请求; n. 欲望

造句:My father promised me to buy a smartphone for my eighteenth birthday.翻译:爸爸答应/承诺给我买台智能手机作为我的十八岁生日礼物.

一、"be ready for" 和 "be ready for sth" 是一样的,不过for后面必得加名词,be ready to do sth指预备好做某事,而get sth ready则多用于句尾.二、maybe和perhaps的用法基本相同,不过似乎前者指可能性更大,may be指 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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