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break into 闯入1.the thieves planned to break into a bank.行窃者计划洗劫银行 duties break into my time.社交应酬占据了我的时间.3the sunlight will break into different colors through a prism.阳光穿过棱镜时将分解成各种颜色 the

1. 想像[W][+wh-][+(that)][+v-ing][O4] I can't imagine what has happened.我想像不出发生了什么事.You may imagine their astonishment at finding the room empty.你可以想像他们发现房间里空无一人时那吃惊的样子.2. 臆断[+(that)]3. 猜想,料想[W][Y][+(that)] I imagine you are tired from the journey.我想你旅途劳累了.

You can't cross the road so carelessly.Dnt't go across the street when the traffic is heavy.You will not arrive the hospital if you don't go past the park.


您好!Tom is to blame for breaking the window.汤姆因为打坏窗户应该收到责备.望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

photograph造句:1、The photograph agrees with the original. 照片跟原物(或本人)一模一样 2、She moves-and the photograph becomes film. 她在动,于是照片变成影片了 3、One complete circular track appears in the lower part of the

beautifully是beautiful的副词,是拿来修饰动词和形容词的!the book is the most beautifully painted one on the shelf.这本书是架上绘画最美的一本.用beautifully来修饰painted (adj.).she danced most beautifully in the contest.她是比赛中跳舞跳得最美的.用beautifully来修饰dance (v.).

I jumped up to put the fire out and only to see a big hole left in the sheet.我跳了起来,把火扑灭,却看到在纸上剩下一个大洞.

be good with 句式造句: 1.she are good with children. 2.i am good with old people. 3.are yougood with kids? and造句: 1.i like reading and writing. 2.chinese and english are my favorite subjects. 3.i can sing and dance. 希望对你有帮助,你是初一吧?这些差不多都是初一的内容.

pronunciation n.发音方法 What is the pronunciation of this word?这个单词的发音是什么?This word has two pronunciations.这个词有两种读法.发音 He has a good pronunciation.他的发音很好.n.发音(法) correct one's pronunciation 纠正某人的发音 The tongue is one of the organs for pronunciation.舌是发音器官之一.

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