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film是英式英语,他除了电影外,还有picture/photo的意思.而movie,美国人常用,他只表电影,不能表示照片、图片等.去看电影可以用 go to the movie(美) 或者 go to the cinema(英),但绝不能用go to the film

一、词义辨析不一样 1、movie n. [尤美]电影 〔辨析〕普通用词,美国英语中的口语用词.指具体的电影作品时与 film 同义,可换用;而 the movies 可指电影院、电影业或电影的总称. 〔例证〕Do you want to see a movie/film with me tomorrow

comedy star

外国一般如下表达电影类型,来源于外国权威电影网站,自己做了翻译:Action 动作片Adventure 冒险片Animation 动画片Biography 传记片Comedy 喜剧片Crime 犯罪片Documentary 纪录片Drama 戏剧(文艺)片Family 生活片Fantasy 奇幻片

我同意一楼的说法 film有胶卷的意思,我在做题的时候老师讲过.movie是美式英语,film是英式英语.

Comedy movies are very good for people,especilely for litte kids.It make us happy ,and have a good motivation!

action film (动作片) document.ry 纪录片, kongfu film 武打片, comedy 喜剧 tragedy 悲剧 detective film 侦探片 science fiction 科幻电影 disaster灾难片 thriller 惊悚片 horror film 恐怖片 western 西部片 musical 音乐片 cartoon 动画片 romance/

I like comedy movies because it's a great way to relax with your friends and it's also very entertaining. We always have some thing to do and a lot of problems to solve in our busy lives. Wouldn't it be a good idea to give yourself a little time once in a

喜剧片的英语Comedy,恐怖片的英语Horror film.单词解析:1、Comedycomedy英 [kmdi] 美 [kmdi] n.喜剧;喜剧片;滑稽;幽默;诙谐例句Actor Dom Deluise talks about his career in comedy. 演员多姆德卢西谈论自己的喜剧

comedy movie 喜剧 thriller movie 恐怖片 cartoon 卡通 action movie 动作片 我就知道这些,复数形式是在movie后面直接加s

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