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ConsEnsus 翻译

consensus pattern 的翻译为:共识模式

I reached a consensus with the project leader and

你好,翻译如下:In recent years, the heat waves, droughts,

出租方(甲方)Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A)

The Sixth Extinction By Niles Eldredge Ab

Christmas The Feast of Christmas It is not e

合同英语 合同英语 出处: 作者:(转载) FanE『翻译中国』 2004-3-4 22:

In the last few decades, scientists have reached c

2楼用机器翻译的, 不合适. 我在国外学过商业合同法, 基本能保证准确和可靠性. 提醒一下, 原合同

返聘:rehiring someone after retirement. To meet

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