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我们在舍弃理想中老去.by doing意思是通过某种方式,we grow old是主系表结构,我们变老了.

desert v.丢开,抛弃; 擅离职守; 逃亡,逃走; 开小差;



形容词 a. 1. 沙漠的2. 荒芜的;无人居住的Nobody likes to live in that desert region. 没有人喜欢生活在那个沙漠地区. desert2及物动词 vt. 1. 从开小差;擅离(职守等)The guard was punished for deserting his post. 卫兵因擅离职守而受到处罚

As the world gets more modernized, the distance between people is more far away. In the countryside, from door to door, people open their doors all the time, people that are belong to the same village are similar with each other. While in the city,


What nature is telling you 倾听自然诉说 1.Let's sit down here, all of us, on the open prairie, where we can't see a highway or a fence, free from the debris of the city. Let's have no blankets to sit on, but let our bodies converge with the earth, the

love 英[lv] 美[lv] vt. 喜欢; 爱,热爱; 爱戴; 赞美,称赞; vt. 喜欢; 喜爱; 喜好; 爱慕; n. 热爱; 爱情,爱意; 疼爱; 爱人,所爱之物; [例句]Our love for each other has been increased by what we've been through together.我们共同经历了这些风风雨雨后,彼此更加相爱了.[其他] 第三人称单数:loves 复数:loves 现在分词:loving 过去式:loved过去分词:loved

From Shy Girl to Pop Star 从害羞女孩到明星 For this month's Young World magazine, I interviewed 19-year-old Asian pop star Candy Wang. Candy told me that she used to be really shy and took up singing to deal with her shyness. As she got

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