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excruciating英 [ kskru:iet ] 美 [ kskruiet ]adj.使苦恼的; 极度的例句1.Her search for love has often caused her excruciating misery and loneliness.她对爱情的寻觅常常给她带来极大的痛苦和孤独感.2.I was in excruciating pain and one leg wouldn't move.我忍受着剧痛,一条腿无法动弹.3.Meanwhile, the boredom is excruciating.同时,又无聊得让人苦恼不已.

excruciating英 [k'skruet] 美 [k'skruet] adj. 折磨人的;使苦恼的v. 折磨;使苦恼;使受酷刑(excruciate的ing形式)

反义词:理解(误解)、强烈(微弱) 整体(部分)、茁壮(瘦弱)、奉献(索取)、同(异)、整(零)、美(丑) 赞美(嘲笑)、燃烧(熄灭)、透明(浑浊) 天堂(地狱)、秀美(粗陋) 吸引(排斥)、纯净(污浊) 迷惑(清醒)、可

excruciate 英 [ks'kru:et]美 [kskruiet]vt. (精神上) 残酷折磨,(使精神上受)极大痛苦;全部释义>>过去式:excruciated 现在分词:excruciating 过去分词:excruciated 第三人称单数:excruciates


英[kskru:i:et] 美[kskruiet]

excruciatingly[英][k'skru:etl][美][k'skru:etl]adv.极痛苦地,难忍受的; 1For an intensely private, excruciatingly shy 28-year-old, being a national icon is a heavy burden.对这位极度重视隐私、又超极害羞的28岁大男孩而言,做为一个全国性的偶像是个沉重的负担.

pain可以作名词和动词.一般加比较级的是形容词或副词.若为painful(pain的形容词形式)其比较级为:more painful.直接在其前面加上more,因为它(painful)是一个多音节词.

how do you do是“你好”的意思 再见面打招呼时用 回答的时候也说 how do you do

Dring a hiking, we lost. We are so scared in forrest. After an excruciating night, we saw an unbelivable sunrise. It's so beautiful that we even forget our bad situation.

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