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I didn't go to bed until I finished my homework 我直到完成家庭作业才上床睡觉 finish+名词或者ving

He didn't finish having his lunch.He didn't finish his lunch.都是“他没吃完他的午餐”的意思He is finishing his lunch.他马上就要吃完他的午餐(现在完成时表将来时)

I finally finished doing my disgusting homework!

To buy a scraf for my mother is not creative给我母亲买个围巾不是一个有创意的点子I do not have enough time to finish my homework.我没有足够的时间完成我的家庭作业.

I finished learning all the courses in two years' time.

1. I have no idea about what to do. 2. She does well in speaking English / She is a good English speaker 3. ShenZhen is located at the south of china. 4. Our class consists of over 40 students

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