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For A piCniC作文

one day ,our class decided to go for a picnic,before the picnic ,we went to the supermaket to buy things such as water,cookie,and some other food. in the morning,we started our journey. after an hour's walking we arrived our place ,it was on the top

Last Sundy I went to the park with my friend. It took us an hour to get there by bike. It was sunny and warm that day. There were lots of people in the park. We climbed the mountain and went boating. And we had a picnic in the park,too. When we

Preparing for a picnic We will have a picnic in the Ocean Park tomorrow. I will go there with myparents and my good friends.We will go there by bus and come back by underground. We will buy some cola, some apples , some chicken wings, some bread and a bottle of jam. It will be a super day tomorrow.

On Sunday, my family and Ann's family were free. So we went to West Hill for a picnic. We took some food with us. In the West Hill, my mother and Ann's mother had to cook. My father and Ann's father carried some water with us. My brother


Last Sundy I went to the West Hill with my friends. It took us an hour to get there by bike. It was sunny and warm that day.There were many beautiful flowers and green trees.Birds sang their sweet songs. How pleased we were!There were lots of

one day, simon's mum, daming and simon are going to a park.they are going to have a picnic. in the park, it's very sunny. simon asks his mum: “when are we going to eat, mum?” his mum answer: “at half past twelve.” simon asks again: “

go for a picnic去野餐

Yesterday,I went to have a picnic with my old classmates.We dated with each other several days ago.And we were all expecting the day's come. At last, the excited day came. We went to the part where we have decided to have the picnic. During the

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; last weekend we went to the countryside to have a picnic.we took several sandwiches and some bottles of water with us for lunch. of course we didn't forget to take some fruit and we even took some tomatoes and | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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