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l get an apple from my mother she get her birstday present from her parents

i get up at 6:00am everyday(我每天在早上六点起床) 打字不易,如满意,望采纳.


get back 1.return to one's starting point 回来;返回原地*I expect my wife to get back at about eight tonight.我盼望我妻子今晚8点回来.*She got back home dead tired.她回到家里累得要命.2.regain 取回;收回*Stop worrying about the money you

你好,They must be indexed by search engine crawlers, to get beyond our own littlespecialized indexes. 他们必须能被搜索引擎爬虫索引,以超过我们自己特有的小索引.They are presented here as a helping hand to get beyond simple

get into 英[et ntu] 美[t ntu] [词典] 进入; 陷入; 养成; [造句]He was eager to get into politics.他渴望进入政界.I was working hard to get into Cambridge. 我为能上剑桥大学而刻苦学习.What has got into you today? Why are you

get over (使)渡过, (使)穿过 He got over while the traffic was stopped.车辆停下来时, 他过了马路.They got him over somehow.他们设法帮他过去.传送 He gets over well when he wants to.他想说什么, 都能表达自如.They got the play

The farmers are busy getting in the crops. 农夫们在忙于收割粮草.

get 的意思多了,在不同的词组中意思不同,get up起床,get on 上车,get off下车 ,等

The paper got wet after falling into the water.(纸掉到水里后(变)湿了.)这里的get是作为系动词“变得”,后面加形容词.

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