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hlod on 有个意思就是"等等,别挂电话" 引申为等待和坚持的意思.hold on to: vt. 拉住(抓牢),引申为坚持 因为是及物动词 所以单独使用时必须加宾语,如 i'm holding on to it.所以 i'm holding on to love我一直坚持着真爱.

怀念往昔 直到昨天 继续保持昨天

climb up by holding on to通过坚持爬上双语对照例句:They ended up holding on to the position and making the money back. 他们之后作出了继续持仓的决定,这最终挽回了所有损失.

hold on to sth/sb v.: 用手和胳膊紧紧抓住

只要有你的话on your own就一定能走下去 place unknown追溯在阳光照射的路上这个胸中的 world apart只要以迷茫 就会将我抱住the power of a dreama dream's a candle burning一直怀抱着梦想就算寒风都不会胆怯就会一直在你身边祈祷So even

holding on:咬合.1.His right arm was extended up beside his head, still holding on to a coffee cup.他的右臂伸在头的一侧,手里仍紧握着一个咖啡杯.2.He rescued a drowning child holding on to a plank.他救起了一个紧紧抓住一块木板的溺水的孩子.3.Mr. Sheff climbed up the ladder while his son was holding on to it tightly.雪夫先生爬上梯子,而他的儿子却紧紧抓住梯子.


歌曲名:Holding On To Heaven歌手:Nickelback专辑:Here And Now Nickelback - Holding On To Heaven And if forever never comes, then IAnd if forever never comes, then IAnd if forever never comes, then II'll hold on, hold onI keep

歌曲名:Holding On To You歌手:Peter Frampton专辑:GoldAlbum: The ConstantStory Of The Year - Holding On To YouAnother year is gone so fastAnother life becomes the pastUnder the weight of dreamsThat I never thought would lastFeelings

hold on 1. 继续;坚持;保持 the speaker held on for a full hour. 演讲的人讲了整整一个小时. how much longer do you think we can hold on? 你认为我们还能坚持多久? 2. 不挂断电话

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