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I will get to Beijing tomorrow; He was got(get的过去式)to Shanghai yestersdayLet us play basketball Let us go swiming ,ok?I hope to play the piano I hope to have a great trip !

i hope to go home 我希望回家

want to do sth.意思是想要做某事.所以弄清意思就很容易做了.比如I want to do my homework.我打算做作业. I want to give my mother a suprise.我想给妈妈一个惊喜. John want to go shopping after work. 约翰下班后想去购物. 试着做一下吧,明白了意思就很简单了

I hope to improve my English.我想提高我的英语水平.

I hope you can go with me .So do you think you can win little miss sunshine?I hope we stay together forever.

well,好像没有什么注意的.只是Wish是不能实现的愿望,而hope是可以达到的愿望.而to do sth 后面就接原型一般现在式.We hope to have a meet with the president.

不可以.hope I see a GM 中省略了主语,应该是I hope I see a GM.hope to do sth 中的to不可省,除非用从句hope sb. can(/will .)do sth.

need/help/determine/like/hate/dare/want/forget/remember/try/manage/stop/intend/agree /fail/learn/mean/plan/care/decide+to do

1.希望做某事 willing to do sb4.离开去5.have a good time/enjoy oneself6.提供某物给某人7.instead of8.呆在外面9.用红色的纸 covered with11.打倒 some cleaning

是的,意思是去做某事,比如 she is going to do homeworking她在做家务 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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