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不定式在句子中可做主语、宾语、表语、定语、状语和宾语补语. 1)不定式做主语一般表示具体的某次动作. 【例如】 to complete the 30 storied building in one year was quite a difficult task. to do that implies taking responsibility. 当主语较长,


include 包含 Doing 正做什么 sth = Something 一些事情 包含了一些正做的事情

include doing sth 包括做某事 如:My housework includes cleaning the bedroom.我的家务活包括打扫卧室(在内).

同学你好,include 用法如下:(1)include是及物动词,意为“包括”、“包含”.(include sth.包括某事在内)如: ①This plan includes most of your suggestions. 这项计划里包括了你们的大部分建议. ②The group included two engineers and


及物动词 vt. 1.包括,包含[W][+v-ing]The price includes both house and furniture. 价钱包括房子和家具. 2.算入,包含于里面I include him among my friends. 我把他当作朋友.

include sth/doing sth 例:Disneyland includes four differen parks.My job doesn't include making coffee for you.include(介) I don't like eating vegetables,including tomatoes.简单的来说“include”句中由动词就用介词,没有就根据句意来判断是那种句型.

可以的啊 eg Their focus is at the task level. For example, in an e-mail application, key path activities include viewing and composing mail, not configuring a new mail server. 这些场景剧本的重点在任务层,比如,在一个电子邮件应用中关键线路的活动主要包括读和写邮件,而不是配置邮件服务器.

1. include是动词,可以在句中充当谓语.如楼主第一个例句:The price【主语】 for the hotel 【(修饰主语的后置)定语】 includes【谓语】 breakfast【宾语】.2. 而including除了是include的现在分词&#

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