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inCrEAsE to 、inCrEAsE By和inCrEAsE区别。

increase to表示增长到 如,The population has increased from 1.2milion to 1.8 milion.人口已从120万增长到了180万.increase by表示按多少增长 如,The rate of inflation increased by 2% 通货膨胀率增长了2% increase to 是增加到多少 increase by 是增加了多少 祝你学习进步、、

1.意思 increase by 指增长了几倍或百分之几,后面加百分数或倍数.increase to指增长到了……,后接具体增长后的数字.2.词性 increase做动词时是不及物动词,意为增加,单独出现在句子中一般在句末,如:The number of students in this

increase [in'kri:s; 'inkri:s] vt. 1. 增加;增大;增多:to increase speed 增加速度 to increase productivity 增加产量 2. 增强;增进: to increase one's power 增强某人的权力 to increase one's efforts 进一步努力 3. 【缝纫】放(针):to increase a

increase by增加了 increase by 10%增加了百分之十increase to 增加到 increase to 100增加到100

increase by 2 是加上2 increase to 2 是加到 2

The production of Solar products was increased to meet with the surging demand.Export of Solar products increased by 120% during the first half of 2011.

increase by是表示增加了多少increase to是表示增加到总数

increase in表示“在……方面增长”,increase by是“增长了多少”(by表示差额),increase with表示“随……增长”,如:Activists are increasing in number day by day.His vanity increased with years.The per unit area yield of ginned cotton has increased by 10% over last year.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.

increase by增加了;按…增长increase from to 从..增加到.

increase by表示按多少增长如,The rate of inflation increased by 2%通货膨胀率增长了2%increase of后面跟增长的程度One great increase of over a billion.一次就增加超过十亿的基督徒.Sales increase of 31% to CHF867 million.销售增长31%到达8.67亿瑞士法郎(约合人民币55亿元).

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