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1.The exchequer early achieved independence . 财政部很早就取得独立了.2.This independence is more apparent than real . 这种独立性有名无实. 3.She would not sink her independence to get there . 她不能因为要到那儿而牺牲了独立.

It is important to develop children's independence.

the tough lives develop ones independence.艰苦的生活培养了人的独立自主

gain 获得 independence 独立 gain independence 获得独立、取得独立

Doing chores helps develop children's independence and teaches them how to look after themselves.It helps develop learner's independence.The younger generations are hoped to develop their independence as soon as possible.

词典 翻译 笔记 惠惠 网页 中英 清除 基本释义 develop 英 [d'velp] 美 [d'vlp] vt. 开发;进步;使成长;使显影 vi. 发育;生长;进化;显露 双语例句1.Develop the economy and ensure supplies.发展经济, 保障供给.《新英汉大辞典》2.

Mexico is to the south of the USA.墨西哥在美国的南方.

independence[英][ndpendns][美][ndpndns]n.独立,自主; 足够维持闭居生活的收入; 独立心; 自恃心; 易混淆单词:Independence例句:1.British welcomed kuwait's declaration of independence in 1961. 英国欣然接受了科威特在1961年独立.

1. The one with the most votes will win in this election. 2. The reason of the civil war was the abolition of slavery. 3. Some alumnae complain that they have come across sexual discrimination in finding jobs. 4. July 4th is American Independent Day.

independence 常用词汇 英 [nd'pendns] 美 [nd'pendns] n.独立;自立independence的用法和样例:例句用作名词 (n.)The country attained its independence in 1972.这个国家在1972年获得了独立.The government adopted an uncompromising posture on the issue of independence.政府在独立的问题上采取了毫不妥协的态度.看完 记得采纳哦

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