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Banks borrow short and lend long. 银行短期借入然后长期借出.----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【满意】按钮

Will you lend me ten yuan? 能借我十元钱吗?Could you lend me your bicycle? 你把自行车借给我骑一下好吗?Will you lend your knife to that man? 你能把小刀借给那人吗?Will you lend me your jacket for a little while? 你能把上衣借给我穿一会儿吗?

这个简单的造句就是:He lend his book which borrowed from library to me.

i always lend him money 谢谢采纳

lend指我借给别人.borrow指我向别人借 much money did he lend you?他借给你多少钱? life does not lend itself to any of those suggestions .我的生活不适合上述任何一条建议 much money do you think i can lend to you?你认为我能借给你多少钱? much money

l. lend. you. a. pen

Please lend me some money.请借我些钱.

He lends me a book.

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