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爱你喜欢的电影 星期五晚上,日期晚 我说“把你喜欢的东西挑出来。” 只要你在这里我就不在乎。 惊喜,惊喜。 那好。 同一个老太婆, 第十八次。 你知道那个人。 半路, 看你 像你这样的微笑 我不禁盯着 突然发生, 它击中了我 当我看着你,你会相...

星期五晚上,是约会的时光, 想对你说,要选择喜欢的, 我不在乎,只要你来这里, 惊喜,我很惊喜, 感觉非常良好, 你好吗, 这里的时光, 你知道我们是一类人。 一半的,看看你, 微笑的你总是这样做 我不能帮助,但只是盯着 因为突然, 它打...

love you like the movies 喜欢你喜欢的电影 love you like the movies 喜欢你喜欢的电影

是原创, 是他们乐队2014年的专辑Escape里边收录的。

Like a star -corinne bailey rae吉他谱(2011-12-12 02:08:44)转载▼标签: 吉他谱d9休闲 Dm7 Just like a star across my sky, E7/9b Just like an angel off the page, Am7 You have appeared to my life, D9 Feel like I'll never be the same。

C D7 You were sitting at the coffee table G7 C where you're reading Kierkegaard C D7 Minutes later, you proceeded to say G7 C something that almost broke my heart C D7 You said, “Darling, I am tired of G7 C livin' my routined l。

Friday night, date night I say Pick out what you like. I don't care as long as you're here. Surprise, surprise. Ain't that nice. Same old chick flick, Eighteenth time. You know the one with that guy. Half way through, look at y...

B would you like to do sth表示喜欢做某事,其肯定性回答用Yes, I did love to…其中to不能省略

just like the other lovers, falling in love like in those cliché movies....One life time, family friendship, love, even if you lack just one, you...


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