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make out with me的意思是【与我一起】 例句:1.You thought killing Cavendish would make me want to go out with you?你认为杀掉卡文迪许会让我想和你约会?2.Cause I make it a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head.因为我

make friends with sb和某人交朋友; 例句:1.Donald is dancing with friends. 唐老鸭正和朋友们一起跳舞.2.Make friends with your new mistress. 跟你新的女主人做朋友吧.

make it out with sb和某人一起做某事

约会. 与以前的一位朋友约会,或者消磨时间: hanging out with a former friend;短语的意思有; 举例&quot: 陪伴:在某个固定地方消磨空闲时间;hang out&quot



make sth.out of sb.使某人128..make sth.out of sb.使某人128..

make friends with sb此为正确的


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