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nEED to Do造句

I need to study hard and make progress every day 谢谢采纳

I need you to help me.

You need to drink more water.

need to do sth. : 需要做某事1. I need to finish my homework now.我现在需要完成作业.2. We need to do something about the window. 我们需要对窗户做些什么修理.3. All we need to do now is create a filesystem on it. 我们现在要做的全部工作

i need to do the homework.i need to go to school.

we don't need to hurry we don't need to run so fastwe don't need to finish everything at once.we need to have a good rest we need to relax ourselveswe need to take walks

have need to do sth. v. 必须做某事I have need to finish my homework.

I need to do the homework I need to do the dish I need to do the laundry I need to do the cleaning

I need to do my homework.

need sth to do 需要某物做某事 I need some money to buy clothes .我需要一些钱买衣服 .

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