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ok go with FriEnDs

go out with friends 和朋友出去

I am going out with friends.我要和朋友们出去(出门).


we are good friends. 我们是好朋友.

i can play with my friends.的中文翻译i can play with my friends. 我可以和我的朋友玩.

go with my friendsgo with 本来就是一个搭配好的短语表述方式

You---Mom,a new film is on at Dong Feng Cinem,it is interesting.Mom---Really.What is it?You--It's a comedy,and Zhou Xingchi plays the leading pole.Mom--Oh,it sounds interesing.You--Yes.But can I go to see it now?I like it very much.Mom--I'm

ok较为正式如中文中的:好的 okay较为随意如中文中的:欧了,行吧,嗯了~ 在使用中要看语境来区分,这个就要看你的心情和当时的环境了,希望你完全明白了,呵呵

o think teenagers should go out with their friends on weekends.because it can be very fun.I am going to have a wonderful weekend.My best friend invited me to her birthday sleepover,which will not end until Saturday noon.Then, I will spend the rest of

Online friendsNow internet has become a part of our life. More and more people love to surf the Internet and chat with people that they really do not know. So, is it good to make online friends? Some people say it is not wise, because you don't know

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