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another adj. 另外的;不同的;又一,另一 pron. 另一个;又一个 prep. 另一个;另一个人 eg. have another of these cakes .再吃一块这种蛋糕吧.what about another cake? 再吃块蛋糕好吗?and this cannot be taught by another.这一点是别人无

不定冠词表示泛指,定冠词表示特指.不定冠词a (an)与数词one 同源,是"一个"的意思.a用于辅音音素前,一般读作[e],而an则用于元音音素前,一般读做[en]. 1) 表示"一个",意为one;指某人或某物,意为a certain. A Mr. Ling is

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歌曲名叫:One 演唱者:Aimee Mann演唱者(原唱):Harry Nilsson专辑:Lost In Space下面链接的第十四首是女歌手的:下面链接的第十首是原唱的: Is

one is.the other is 指的是两部分,一个……,另一个…… one is another is 指的是三个及以上的部分,一个……,另一个…… 如有疑问可追问,满意别忘了采纳哦~

one of + 最高级形容词+ 名词复数+单数谓语动词 最~~~之一 e.g. He is one of the tallest students in our school

ONE'S的意思:某人的;一个人的 ONE'S是one的名词所有格形式 发音:英语音标:[wnz] 美语音标:[wnz] 例:Save 10 percent out of one s monthly pay A minute is the sixtieth part of an hour. 译:储蓄月薪的十分之一一分钟是一小时的

1.one是常用的量词. eg.One is enough. 一个就够了. 2.the one是强调特指那一个 eg.Look!Here come many girls. The one in red is my daughter. 看,过来很多女孩儿.那一个穿红衣服的是我女儿. 3.ones n. 其中之一个 eg. Their much reviled

一、one of the 在“one of the +复数名词+定语从句”的结构中,从句谓语动词常用复数形式.二、the one of 当one前面有the only,the very等词修饰时,从句谓语动词用单数形式.三、one of1、one of +代词宾格或名词复数2、one of 短语做主语

Blue Night - Michael Learns To Rock 歌词:Lately you have been asking me if all my words are true Don't you know I'll do anything for you Sometimes I haven't been good to you Sometimes I've made you cry And I am sorry for everything but I

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