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opposed与opposing opposed可以与主语是动宾关系,也可以是过去分词,也可以做形容词.opposing可以与主语是主谓关系,也可以是现在分词,也可以做形容词.

as opposed to中文释义:与…截然相反;对照英文读音:英 [z; z pzd t; tu; tu] 美 [z; z pozd t,tu,tu] 重点词汇opposed英文读音:英 [pzd] 美 [pozd] 中文释义:1、adj. 相反的;敌对的2、v. 反对(

oppose:反对opposed是oppose的过去式opposes是oppose的第三人称单数opposing是oppose的现在分词oppose to:反对


the classroom is cleanwe clean the classroom oppose sthbe opposed to sth

opposed:adj&v 相反的、敌对的:使对立 opposite:adj 相反的;对面的;对立的 n. 对立面;反义词 prep. 在…的对面 adv. 在对面 形容此时opposed做定语或表语 opposite只能做定语

Emotion 英 [mn] 美 [mon] n. 情感,感情;情绪;感动,激动 1. N-VAR 可变名词情感;情绪 An emotion is a feeling such as happiness, love, fear, anger, or hatred, which can be caused by the situation that you are in or the

luck / lk; lk/ n [U] chance, esp thought of as a force that brings good or bad fortune 运气; 造化: have good, poor, hard (ie bad), little, bad, etc luck 运气好、 不好、 背、 欠佳、 坏等. good fortune 好运; 幸运: I hope this charm will bring you


oppose反对拼音双语对照oppose英[pz]美[poz]vt.& vi.抵制; 反对,抗争; 使相对; 使对照网络反对; 反对; 反抗第三人称单数:opposes现在分词:opposing过去式:opposed过去分词:opposed形近词:disposeimposecompose

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